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Model Africa

Sandy underground joined with a light earth coloured varnish, a border with African elements and a strong clay coloured plinth (socle). The fine plaster for the plinth (socle) is made out of ground burnt tiles which we produce our selves.

Creation and execution by Gerhard Lutter

Model Italy

We have used the strong coloures that you often find in Italy. The text is worked in the plaster and as a result it has a particularly good effect and describes the name of the colour. Fine stucco-work underlines this splendid long lasting wall creation.

Creation and execution by Peter Grzenia

Slate Imitation

This Technology is a real eye catcher and at the same time very durable. The imitation Slates are fastened directly on the glass fibre wallpaper. The originality of the craftsman gives this creation its uniquess.

Creation and execution by Gerhard Lutter

Model Modern Art 1

The new Wallpaper material from Caparol offers the decorator many variations. The Wallpaper we used here is CapaQuarz with is vertical pattern is with a new room colour Metallic based coating. This noble surface is supported from a subdued stucco.

Creation and execution by Rudi Weichert

Model Japan

Delicate Japan grass-wallpaper with a border. The character stencil as well as the bamboo stencil made in our workshop is filled with matching wall colour. The plinth (socle) wallpaper is the same as above however treated with a varnish. The setting around the wallpaper should discreetly emphasize this.

Creation and execution by Karl Petzet

Model Egypt

This model is created with earthy colours. In Egypt, it is mostly sand stone, which we have copied. The rectangle and lines are exacte, as the Egyption builders. Kobalt blue was the most expensive colour at that time and because of this, it was used economically. Discreet 24 carat gold leafing portrays the lavishness.

Creation and execution by Helmut Kolb